Buying the Right Trailer

What are you buying ?

Why is the pro trade series a good investment ? 

Yes, your are going to invest more in a quality tradesman trailer. But how much value do you place on your business? Uprising engineering’s Pro trade series is revolutionized what a tradesman trailer is and how it can be used. Your Trailer is your advertising billboard and what your business represents……….Stand out from the crowed.

People Buy & Hire on first impressions as well as emotion, don’t lose the next job just because the other guy looked more professional.

Invest in the right trailer.

Uprising Engineering seen a very big need for a high quality and innovative tradesman trailer from the market trends, the choices where just not available for a quality-built trailer at good value for money. The market has been flooded with trailers built cheap to attract a volume market based on price. Now that’s ok for some people that are price orientated but that also comes at a larger price in the long run as you will need to continually keep buying new trailers every 5 years or less due to them just not holding up to the work environment and conditions they are put through not to mention fixing them to keep running for that period, as the old saying goes “ the poor man pay’s twice”. But what about the person that wants a well-engineered, quality and innovative trailer.

They where hard to find and the choices where just not available for them or very hard.

Some buyers also have very little knowledge when it comes to tradesman trailer weights – Tare, GVM and payload. (Know your weights) If you thought buying a 7×4 trailer unbraked with a tradesman top fitted is a good buy for $4,000 think again, this trailer would have a tare weight of 350kg plus 110kg tradesman top = 460kg tare ……it only has a GVM of 750kg so that’s only giving this trailer a payload of 290kg. meaning you can only load 290kg of tools, timber, ladders, nails and whatever ells you want to carry to the job, that’s not a lot you can load before you are illegal towing that trailer. Most tradesman would have at least 500kg of tools and equipment plus carry around that again in timber or material for the job, so you really need to have a trailer that has at least 1000kg payload minimum.

So, what makes the Pro trade series different?

Well It’s one of them trailers that will outlast your career if looked after and respected, the build quality and innovative touches in this tradesman’s trailer is like nothing you have ever seen on the market and is designed to be the best tradesman trailer in the industry.

Yes, we understand they don’t come cheap but there is a reason for that, this tradesman trailer has a Tare of 1300kg, GVM of 2800kg giving this trailer a payload of 1500kg. The one-piece 100×50 chassis and draw bar makes this trailer very strong. The whole chassis is hot dipped galvanized for life long gevity and is then fully powder coated.

Suspension under the Pro trade series tradesman trailers is 3.5 tonne rated with 50mm solid axles with parallel bearings, roller rocker springs and dual 10″ electric braking system. With regular servicing and general maintenance this setup will last a lifetime due to not being maxed out to its limits everyday of the week

The body sheet material is zinc anneal panel not raw mild steel and the trailer is designed on autocad software and laser cut to millimeter perfect. Its also got full flush mounted door and draws with automotive seals and a square design so there is no wasted space.

The body of this trailer is fully folded, giving the trailer maximin strength but also keeping weight down by not using box tubing for all doors and frame work and sheet metal welded over the top that will eventually hold moister over time and rust inside out if not maintained.

We use all stainless nuts, bolt’s, washer’s, rivets for all our fittings and fixtures. Draw runner slides are heavy duty and not just fixed on with tek screws or pop-rivets they are all nut-serted with M5 stainless screws.

Storage has been very well thought out with huge draws, shelving, underfloor compartment and even has a dedicated fridge slide.

Running all the gear is easy with our 200amp battery system for running LED lights, charge from the car or solar, run a fridge and pie oven or even invertor’s to charge your tools batteries while on the job. Fit out options are endless and we have many products you can add to the build of your tradesman trailer to suit you chosen from our extras list.

As you can see the Pro trade series tradesman trailers are premium and built to the highest standard in the industry of tradesman trailer manufactures, this is a life long trailer you only ever need to buy once.

Stand out from the crowed, look professional, be organized, invest in yourself and buy once.