Optional Extras

The list below give’s you many options you can add to the build of your new tradesman trailer to suit your needs and requirements.

Item Price
PROTECTION PACKAGING GPS tracking system 3 door activation alarm system GPS $520 Alarm $640
DC-DC CHARGERS Projecta IDC25 Projecta IDC45 Redarc 1225D Redarc 1240D IDC25 $ 420 IDC45 $504 1225D $544 1240D $ 617
INVERTORS Projecta IP2000 2000W PURE SINE WAVE Projecta IP1000 1000W PURE SINE WAVE Projecta IP600 600W PURE SINE WAVE Projecta IP300 300W PURE SINE WAVE Redarc 350RS 350W PURE SIN WAVE Redarc 700RS 700W PURE SIN WAVE Redrc 1000RS 1000W PURE SIN WAVE Rearc 1500RS 1500W PURE SIN WAVE Redarc 2000RS 2000W PURE SIN WAVE IP2000 $1,425 IP1000 $655 IP600 $ 425 IP300 $ 270 350RS $395 700RS $737 1000RS $884 1500RS $1,280 200RS $1,690
240V INSTALL (1 x inlet – 1 x outlet – 3 x GPO’S) $795
BATTERY CHARGER Projecta IC2500 $395
ARB 60ltr elements Fridge/freezer $1,690
Engel 60ltr fridge / freezer $1,750
Travel buddy oven $340
McHitch auto coupling (upgrade) $310
200W solar blanket $595
200W folding solar panel $340
Company sticker decals or full body wraps Please refer to our signage price guide under (pro trailer advice tab)
choose your own Primal rims from there range pricing varies
Mounted workplace Survival First aid kit Supply Survival car first aid kit Mounted fire extinguisher Work place $130 Car $90 Fire ext $70

We are able to supply any brand or product you need fitted out on your new tradesman trailer, if you don’t see an item or brand that you prefer please let us know as we will be happy to submit a quote on that item.