Financing made easy

Financing your new tradesman trailer is now more affordable than ever with low competitive interest rates across many lenders, but it does pay to shop around to find the best deal suited to you.

At Uprising engineering we have done the search for you!

We found for great easy service, good range of lenders and very competitive rates Stratton finance and ACA loans come up at the top of the list.

At Stratton Finance, they know a thing or two about business finance.

They can help you to buy physical assets outright with a chattel mortgage, purchase and lease assets on your behalf, and design flexible repayment plans.

So, whether you’re looking to invest in equipment, machinery or even a new tradesman trailer, they’ll do whatever it is to find the right solution for you. 

Anthony Mansour
Agency Principal
t (02) 9843 5408     m 0422 809 390

James Atkinson
Business Manager
t 1300 955 600     m 0421 230 886     f (03) 4344 0693


ACA Loans are making equipment finance easy for all Australian businesses and is there highest priority goal.

Running and growing a business requires a work ethic that really sets you apart from the crowd. Having the right gear is the start, purchasing a tradesman trailer for commercial or personal use is an important investment. The ACA loans team are here to ensure that you can afford the trailer you actually need and on the right plan for you or your business.


PH: 0403528257