Australia Wide Delivery

,Uprising Engineering are located south/east of Melbourne in Victoria and are the most advanced tradesman trailer manufacture in Australia.

When it comes to transporting your new Tradesman trailer to any State in Australia, New Zealand or Tasmania  we have you covered and at very competitive rates.

Pricing on transport can vary depending on what state your trailer is being delivered too. We have partnered with reputably transport companies for our deliveries and to set a fixed rate. 

Sydney                                                                          $1,200 inc gst

Brisbane                                                                      $1,650 inc gst

Darwin                                                                         $ 2,980 inc gst

WA –                                                                              $1,860 inc gst

SA –                                                                               $1,020 inc gst

If we don’t have pricing for your state, please let us know where home is for you and we can submit a quote based on your location, most the time we can deliver it to your door or very close too it.

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