Why Us?

We make your life a whole lot easier.

Uprising Engineering have the best quality and designed tradesman trailers you’ll find anywhere, Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, Perth, Adelaide, ACT and are specifically designed as a diverse trailer to suit many applications and industries. Tradesman, handyman, construction, film industry and is a life time trailer.

Our tradesman trailers are designed for the job – one-piece body construction, pull out draws, shelving, battery system, LED lighting and roof rack storage solutions are just the start. many optional extras can be added to any build to make it suit your needs, invertors, battery chargers, 240v installation, solar panels, fridges, travel buddy ovens and much more……your imagination, your trailer, your requirements.

We use the absolute best galvanized steel products, components, fittings and have state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure that your tradesman trailer is superior in every way. We’ve embraced the finest CNC machinery and manufacturing technology to make sure precision quality every time, such as: CNC laser cutting, folding, stud welding, hot dip galvanized baths, powder coating ovens as well as 3D modelling software. These processes ensure that our tradesman trailers are consistently the highest quality to perform again and again in our harsh environment and work sites.

Benefits of a tradesman’s trailer

Your car is your everyday transport not just to the job site but also the kids’ school and events, shopping centre, boat ramp on the weekend, your mates place and the list goes on. Now why would you want to have a few toolboxes on the back of your Ute and take your whole business everywhere you go?

Your tools are your income, we don’t carry our life savings around with us in the car, we have banks.

For us that would be a very stressful thing to do as you would always be worried and thinking to yourself: did I lock the tool box? did my workers lock the toolbox? I hope someone doesn’t steel the dumpy level sitting in the back tray! That would not be a great thing to always run through your mind. now don’t get us wrong we do love a good ute tray and tool box setup but it doesn’t need to hold everything you own.

The other scenario is you have other commitments that day or have fallen ill, what do your workers do now as all the gear is in your car? Again, you’re now pulling your hair out trying to think of a solution. It doesn’t need to be this way, just tell the boys to pick up the trailer and get to work and your problem is solved.

So why not buy a tradesman trailer and leave everything at home locked up in the trailer, the shed and ready for the next working day or week.

An uprising Engineering tradesman trailer will not just save you money on the job site with its well-organised storage and functionality, it will save your state of mind knowing everything is safe, so you can enjoy the good things in life.