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At Uprising Engineering, we build hands down the best tradesman’s trailers in NSW. Our trailers are not cheap, but they are also unrivalled when it comes to quality, longevity, and innovation. If you want a trailer that will outlast your business, look no further.

There are tradesman’s trailers, and there are tradesman’s trailers. Unfortunately, the growing culture of cheap, inferior quality products has infiltrated just about every industry on earth, duping thousands of people into buying cheap, inferior products and forcing them to deal with the consequences.

Enclosed Trailers for Tradesmen

Having a professional tradesman’s trailer holds many benefits for your company, including the added advantage of promotion. Let’s face it, if people see you driving around town with a professional, branded tradesman’s trailer in tow, they are likely to start recognising your brand.

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We are the top designers, manufacturers and suppliers of tradies’ trailers in NSW. Our level of quality never fails. Rest assured that you can have everything – tools and equipment, and materials needed for the job – with you, and still not be in any danger of exceeding your trailer’s capacity, or the local authority’s weight limits.
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Appearances are everything, and if the public perceives you to be professional, due in part to your stylish and well-branded tradesman’s trailer, you are halfway there in terms of snatching jobs out from under your competitors.
Keeping Tools Safe
Keep your tools and equipment safe and together at all times. Never be caught without that crucial piece of equipment again. You can even have chargers and other appliances built in, making your trailer an essential part and a convenient tool in your arsenal that sets you apart from the competition.
Uprising Engineering has created a niche product for the trade trailer market. There is no comparison. When we were looking at what we wanted in a trailer Uprising’s Pro Trade Series ticked absolutely every box. Well engineered, built to last, built specifically for tradies needs, all the options the fact that they are gal dipped the pros were just endless. Rob was a wealth of knowledge and a dream to deal with. Could not be happier with our trailer purchase. Definitely recommend if you are looking for the best.
Melissa H

We Deliver A Superior Quality Tradie Trailer in NSW

We pride ourselves on designing, building, and selling the best tradesman’s trailers in Sydney and beyond. We’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours in research and development to bring you a product that is exceptional in every way.
We don’t cut corners. We are by no means the cheapest when it comes to tradie trailers in Sydney, but then our trailers are in a class all their own when it comes to quality and innovation, down to the smallest detail.
We only use the best materials in the production of our trailers, with every aspect of your trailer designed for longevity, reliability and strength. We can confidently say that our trailers are beyond compare and far superior to anything else on the market at the moment.
Imagine having a trailer custom designed and built to suit your individual needs. We offer a wide range of custom design options based on the specific needs of our customers. Whatever your needs are, our crack team of professional designers will come up with an innovative solution for you.

About Uprising Engineering

With many years of industry experience and hundreds of successful projects under our belts, we have built a reputation over the years for our absolute commitment to excellent and unmatched quality, innovation, and service.


Our trailers are suited to every industry, and we can customise yours for whatever your needs are. Whether you are an electrical contractor, a carpenter, or a builder, we have the ideal storage and transport solution for your mobile business.


While old-school customer service seems to have fallen by the wayside in most industries, we are committed to giving you the highest level of customer service and support. We stand proudly and firmly by every trailer that we build, and we will be on hand to serve you whenever and wherever you need us.


For the most hard-wearing and tough professional builder’s trailer in Sydney, that will stand up to every test and exceed your expectations at every turn, look no further. Our trailers will save you time, save you money, and help make your mobile business more visible and efficient.


Want to know more? Don’t waste time. Our experienced and professional team is always on standby with relevant advice, and to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you propel your business into a profitable future with a top-quality, cutting edge tradesman’s trailer.


Contact us today for more information or to discuss your preferred design specifications.


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