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Finding the right tradesman trailers in QLD is more challenging than it might seem? You need something that is built specifically for the tradie career, with a design that lends itself for the intuitive organisation and storage of your tools, parts, and components. At Uprising Engineering, we may not be a Queensland company, but we are happy to deliver our customised tool trailers to Brisbane and beyond.

What Sets Uprising Engineering Apart Regarding Construction Trailers?

Why is it worth getting your tradesman trailer delivered from our manufacturing facility in Melbourne to your home or business in Queensland? Here are a few factors that set our designs apart from other trailer options that are out there:

We build our trailers specifically for tradies.

Our trailers are designed with a unique and intuitive storage design that makes it easy for tradies to organise their tools and parts so that they are easy to find and carry more gear than they would ever be able to manage in a toolbox. Save time and money by always having what you need on hand to get your work done.

We offer customisation options.

Smart organisation and durable, quality construction are standard on all our trailers. However, we also know that all tradespeople work a bit differently, depending both on their industry sectors and their personal preferences. As such, we offer customisation options for our trailers, ranging from signage or trailer wraps for business branding to extra alarm and security systems.

We know it’s not just about tools.

We know that trailer storage isn’t always about tools. Being able to keep drinks and sandwiches cold for on-the-go lunches is essential too. We can install fridges, freezers, water tanks, and even ovens as part of your trailer, to make those long days on the worksite more bearable for your entire team.

Uprising Engineering has created a niche product for the trade trailer market. There is no comparison. When we were looking at what we wanted in a trailer Uprising’s Pro Trade Series ticked absolutely every box. Well engineered, built to last, built specifically for tradies needs, all the options the fact that they are gal dipped the pros were just endless. Rob was a wealth of knowledge and a dream to deal with. Could not be happier with our trailer purchase. Definitely recommend if you are looking for the best.
Melissa H

What to Expect Regarding the Delivery of Our Builders Trailers to QLD

If you are interested in working with us, we are happy to arrange delivery of your new tradie trailer to QLD. We manufacture all our trailers in Melbourne but are dedicated to offering Australia-wide service and are happy to transport your trailer to any Australian territory, as well as to New Zealand or Tasmania. Here’s what to expect if you are interested in getting our builders trailers to QLD:

Delivery to Brisbane is $1,650 inc. GST

 If you need us to deliver your tradesman trailers to Brisbane, we can do so for a fixed rate of $1,650 (including GST) per trailer. We have partnerships with reputable transport companies that allow us to be transparent with our pricing and to guarantee fixed rates for certain popular locations throughout our footprint.

We can provide price quotes for other parts of Queensland

Outside of Brisbane, pricing for delivery of builders trailers in QLD can vary depending on where you live or work. You don’t need to come to Brisbane to pick up your trailer, though you are welcome to do so if it is convenient for you.

Instead, we can prepare a quote based on your location. In most cases, we can deliver trailers directly to your place of business or residence.

We are always happy to answer questions about delivery

If you are considering delivery service through us, you may have questions about how long the delivery will take, what you can expect when your trailer arrives at the agreed-upon location, how the shipment is insured in transit, and more.

We are happy to have a conversation with you to answer any questions you might have about trailer delivery.

We believe our tradesman trailers are a unique product in terms of design quality, customisation options, and how well-suited they are to the jobs of working tradespeople. Providing Australia-wide delivery allows us to reach a much broader audience and make a more substantial impact on the trades industries at large.

Why Ordering Our Tradesman Trailers in QLD is a Cost-Effective Business Investment


Thinking about ordering one of our tradie trailers in Brisbane but wondering about the cost investment? Most of our past buyers have raved about our trailers and about how they provide money-saving, time-saving storage, and organisation boosts. Also, our trailers are built to be secure, which could save you from losing crucial tools or equipment to a break-in. Consider an investment in one of our trailers as an investment in the future of your business. Get in touch today if you have any questions.

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