Common Trailer Weight Terms

Below are a list of common terms in trailer weights.  It’s important that you’re familiar with them when you’re looking for a trailer.

Tare weight

This is the dry weight of the trailer when it is empty as supplied by the manufacturer before any extras where added to the build.


This means (Aggregated Trailer Mass) This is the total weight of the trailer, plus its load (your tools) This indicates the maximum weight the trailer should weigh when in use.


This means what the trailer can carry. It is calculated by taking the weight of the trailer itself (Tare Weight) and subtracting this from the ATM.

Example: If your trailer’s tare weight is 1,100kg and the ATM is 2,000kg ……you have a payload of 900kg

Towing Capacity

This information is very important as it will determine what size trailer you can tow on the back of your vehicle. This information can be found in your vehicle’s handbook.

Ball Weight

Ball weight is also just as important as you’re towing capacity, a general rule is 10% of the towing capacity is allowed on the tow ball but this can change depending on the vehicles make and model.