Our Commitment

Our Goal

Our goal is to produce the highest quality and most versatile tradesman trailers on the market at great value for money.
We believe by owning an Uprising Engineering tradesman trailer will not only make you look the best on the job site, you will be the most professional.

Our Service

The lifeblood of our business revolves around six key points.
* Service * Quality * Integrity * Experience * Delivery * Warranty

Good customer service, Produce a quality product, have integrity, proven experience, deliver on time and backup what we say.
You can rest assured knowing Uprising Engineering is with you at all times where ever you are.

Our Design

We have spent years in the design room, product development and testing, countless meetings and negotiations with suppliers to bring you the best quality, innovative and most versatile tradesman trailer on the market at great value.

We don’t cut corners, and use the best material and processes to give you a great product that you only need to buy once and will last. Everything we use is – Dura gal, hot dip galvanized, zinc anneal sheeting or stainless steel and use high quality powder coating that’s hardy and UV stable.

All bolts, washers, screws and pop rivets are stainless steel as much as possible 


Value for money

We offer you more standard inclusions, options, features and upgrades than any other tradesman trailer, builder’s trailer or tool trailer manufacture out there.

This means you’re getting the best value for money right from the start when you purchase your new tradesman trailer.

We purchase our components direct from the manufacturers, this saves you money and is not getting mark-ups along the way via the middle men or on sellers.

Quality assurance

All Uprising Engineering tradesman trailers are designed by ourselves, Engineered and comply with Australian design standard VSB1 and design rule 62.

We take quality seriously and only use the very best to then give you the very best.


All our Pro trade series tradesman trailers come with a 2 year structural warranty and extended manufactures warranty on components. Wherever you are, we will service you.


We can assist you in obtaining easy and competitive finance for your new tradesman trailer, we are also happy to work with your own finance lender and make the process as easy as possible for you.
Owning a new tradesman trailer has never been more affordable or easy.